EyeCareCE FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What is EyeCareCE?
EyeCareCE is an e-learning web site for the entire eye care community, including nurses, photographers, medical assistants, technicians, medical technologists, orthoptists, contact lens fitters, refractionist and opticians.

2. Who qualifies for member pricing?
Member pricing for EyeCareCE web site products is available to users with current membership in CSOMP and current IJCAHPO certificants.

3. Do I have to sign up for anything to see what is available on EyeCareCE?
No, you may browse the entire course catalog at any time. You don’t need to register or log on until you are ready to purchase.

4. In what order should I take the courses?
Unless the course description indicates that the course has a prerequisite, or is part of a larger curriculum, you may take the courses in any order. Prerequisite information will be listed in the course description.

5. May I use EyeCareCE products toward certification?
Yes, you may earn CE credit that may be used for certification or recertification from EyeCareCE courses and assessments. Each course description lists the type(s) and value(s) of the credits, and which organizations approved or provided those credits. The individual must review the criteria established by the applicable certifying organization to determine which continuing education activities fulfill the particular certification/recertification requirements. For information about certification and recertification criteria please visit: IJCAHPO Certification

6. What type of continuing education credits do EyeCareCE courses offer?
• IJCAHPO are International Joint Commission on Allied Health Personnel in Ophthalmology credits and are listed as 1 IJCAHPO Group A
• CA BRN are California Board of Registered Nurses credits and are listed as CEP:CABRN-1
• COE are American Society of Ophthalmic Administrators (ASOA) credits and are listed as 1 COE Category A (these are practice management credits)

Keep in mind that not all courses offer all type of CE credits, so it’s very important that you check each course to ensure that it qualifies for the type of CE credit you desire.

7. What does CEC/NCH Exp. on the product description mean?
The abbreviation CEC/NCH Exp. represents the date that the designated credits for a provider organization’s specific product is due for renewal or expiration. The abbreviation designates the organization that approved the Continuing Education Credit (CEC) or Nursing Contact Hour (NCH).

8. How are CEC/NCH Exp. dates determined?
Expiration dates are determined by criteria established by the organization that approved or provided the particular type of credit. Each organization that awards CE credit has different rules concerning how long credits can be offered for a learning activity before it must be reviewed and/or resubmitted for approval.

9. May I purchase multiple copies of the same course or assessment?
Purchases are recognized in the name of the purchaser only; courses and assessments are not transferable. Please limit your purchase quantity to one (1) of each individual EyeCareCE course or assessment. You may only receive credit for a course or assessment once within a recertification cycle.

10. May I get a refund for online courses or examinations that I have purchased?
EyeCareMarketplace online courses and examinations are not eligible for refunds. Requests for an exchange of EyeCareMarketplace online courses or examinations will be handled on a case-by-case basis, using the following criteria for evaluation:
  1. Online course or examination content has not been accessed, viewed, or completed in any manner. (IJCAHPO reserves the right to examine the content has been accessed, viewed or completed before considering an exchange for online course or examination.)
  2. The new online course or examination must be of equal value of original online course or examination.
To submit a request, please complete the EyeCareCE Course Exchange Form. Your request will be acknowledged within 5 business days. You will also receive an email confirmation that IJCAHPO has received the exchange request.

11. Will EyeCareCE keep track of the CE credits that I've taken online?
EyeCareCE will automatically keep a record of all the courses you take on the EyeCareCE web site. Starting July, 2014, all of your EyeCareCE courses will be tracked and listed under My Courses in your personal account. IJCAHPO certificants may also access a transcript of all their IJCAHPO CE credits (including past courses) on the IJCAHPO website. It may take up to 24 hours for your CE credits to post to your EyeCareCE account and/or IJCAHPO certificants transcript.

12. Will I receive a certificate for EyeCareCE courses and assessments?
EyeCareCE courses and assessments typically do not have certificates. However, you may print a transcript of all your CE credits (including past courses) from the IJCAHPO website.

13. What if I fail the Ophthalmic Scribe Certification (OSC) exam?
The OSC exam includes only one attempt. If you fail the exam you must repurchase it for each additional attempt.

14. Will I be able to view Adobe Flash content on my tablet?
While we can't guarantee that Flash content will play, or play correctly, on Windows and Android tablets, you may have limited success when using either the Firefox, Chrome, or I.E. browser. If using an iPad, you may have limited success using one of the following apps to play Flash content: Puffin (follow these instructions), SkyFire, Photon Flash, Browse2Go or Swifter. For best results use a Windows-based PC or an Apple Mac.

15. What browser do you recommend I use?
For best results we recommend using Firefox, Chrome or Safari. Internet Explorer is not supported.  If you're not certain which browser you are using, click here: What browser am I using?
Whichever browser you select,
make certain pop-ups are enabled. Pop-ups are required in order to view some course content.

16. How much time do I have to complete a purchased course?
Unless otherwise stated, an online course will remain available for 90 days from the date of purchase.